Living a rich life, with or without vast riches

The financial world has a set of tools aimed at solving economic problems, but some tools are capable of fixing many things at once. Call them the Power Tools of Personal Finance.

Nearly every retirement guide says you'll need to replace a set portion of your income. Bunk. Here's the truth

Gardening for fun and profit

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Feedin​g a crowd on a pittance is easier than you think. It can also be a fun family activity.

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We don't aim to make you rich, but hope to help you achieve enough financial security to spend your time on things that nurture your mind, body and soul-- like gathering people you love around a table...and being able to eat the fresh food you grew in the garden. That's our take on 

​how to

live a

rich life.

$1 invested in small stocks in 1926 is worth $26,952 today

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How can I invest when I'm practically broke? Check out this story on how you can start an investment account with nothing more than pocket change.

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What links money, food and garden? 

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Love to garden? Make it pay with crops that give a good bang for your buck

One dollar invested in a broad basket of small companies listed on U.S. stock exchanges in 1926 would be worth $26,958  today.