Living a rich life, with or without vast riches

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budgeting is first step to prosperity

Investing: Starting small

​Poverty used to be a good excuse to put off opening an investment account. After all, if you want to buy just one share of Apple (AAPL) stock, it will set you back about $100 -- $90+ for the share and $7 to trade. And most mutual funds require minimum initial deposits of $500 or more.
No longer. If you have an iPhone and a credit or debit card, you can invest in a
smart and widely diversified portfolio with nothing more than pocket change.                    

retirement's a beach

That said, if you don't have a handle on your money, everything else can easiIy fall apart. A costly car repair can leave you without the money to pay rent; an illness can drain your retirement savings.

This site is about helping you make sure that doesn't happen to you. It's about living well, but simply. Every page reflects my philosophy about money, which is that you need to get it together to start on a path to a rich life. But that life doesn't necessarily require vast riches. It requires economic security, sure. But, after you've achieved that security, it's about living well in a simple way. No amount of cash will provide the warmth of close relationships. My goal is to take money off the table -- make it something you never worry about -- so that you can focus on what matters..

If you accumulate money for money's sake -- you're hoping to run out of banks to deposit $250,000 in -- you've stumbled on the wrong site. As much as I might wish you well, I can't help you because I don't understand you. In my mind, money is a tool. You use it to make you calm, secure and comfortable. And, when you've passed those milestones, you use it to help someone else.